Fr. Lionel Henry has gone into retirement, following many long years of faithful service to the TLM community.

Holy Mass is celebrated every Sunday 8.30am.

August 2020

2 August - Emeritus Archbishop B.J. Hickey

9 August - Monsignor Michael Keating

15 August - Fr. Ted Miller (Feast of the Assumption)

16 August - Fr. Alfonsas Savickis

23 August - Emeritus Archbishop B.J.Hickey

30 August - Fr. Alfonsas Savickis

September 2020

6 September - Emeritus  Archbishop B.J. Hickey

13 September - Monsignor Michael Keating

20 September - Fr. Alfonsas Savickis

27 September - Monsignor Michael Keating

October 2020

4 October - Emeritus  Archbishop B.J. Hickey

11 October - Fr. Alfonsas Savickis

18 October - Monsignor Michael Keating

25 October - Fr. Alfonsas Savickis

The Chapel of the Good Shepherd is dedicated to TLM community celebrations courtesy of the Good Shepherd Parish.

Chapel of the Good Shepherd, Kelmscott

Mass time: Every Sunday 8.30am

Chapel Location: 42 Streich Avenue, Kelmscott, Western Australia 6111

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Celebrating the Latin Mass

Monsignor Michael Keating and Altar Servers