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The following books, articles and websites will aid your understanding and enjoyment of the Latin Mass and your Catholic Faith.

Explanatory articles

Latin-English missals available at the Chapel

Recommended resources


YouTube Videos

Movies About Saints

Explanatory articles

A collection of articles for those who are new to the Latin Mass or are unfamiliar with certain aspects of Catholic Faith.

First Timer to the Latin Mass? Just Visiting? pdf

Understanding the Traditional Latin Mass and Why it is Important to Attend pdf

Do You Know? #1 What is Septuagesima? pdf

Do You Know? #2 Stations of the Cross pdf

Do You Know? #3 Veiling in Church pdf

Do You Know? #4 Von Hildebrand on the Merits of the Latin Mass pdf

Do You Know? #5 Ash Wednesday pdf

Do You Know? #6 The Traditional Colours of Vestments Explained pdf


Do You Know? #7 Disposal of Religious Items

                                Do you know how to properly dispose of religious items, if need be?

                                Items that are blessed must be treated with reverence. If they cannot be given away to others, then

                                they must be buried, or burned and buried. Do this also for items you are unsure of, regarding



                                If the items have not been blessed, such as holy cards and images through the mail, then they are                                  simply pictures that can be thrown away. More information can be found here.

Feast Days

August 2020: Month of the Immaculate Heart of Mary

1st August: First Saturday - The Five First Saturday Devotions, requested by Our Lady of Fatima

4th August: St John Mary Vianney

7th August: First Friday - The Nine Friday Devotions

11th August: St Philomena

14th August: St Maximillian Kolbe; Novena to St Maximillian

15th August: The Assumption, a Holy Day of Obligation; Novena of Our Lady of the Assumption, starts on 4th August

19th August: Fourth Apparition of Our Lady of Fatima

20th August: St Bernard of Clairvaux, Doctor of the Church

23rd August: Pope Pius X; Novena to Pope Pius X, starts on 13th August

23rd August: St Rose of Lima

27th August: St Monica, Mother of St Augustine

31st August: Begin the Novena for the Nativity Our Lady, born on 8th September


Fast and Abstinence pdf

10 Ways to Get More Out of Lent pdf

What Does Lent Really Mean? pdf

Latin-English Missal
Latin-English Missallette

Latin-English Missals available at the Chapel

There are copies of Latin-English Missals available to borrow during the Latin Mass. The Latin words and English translations are written side by side and there is a guide of when to stand, kneel and sit. The maroon coloured missals are available for purchase. All missals are available from the foyer of the chapel.

Recommended resources

Treasure and Tradition.jpg

Treasure and Tradition: The ultimate guide to the Latin Mass

This beautiful book was created and meticulously researched by author Lisa Bergman, in response to a lack of informative guides to help her understand the Latin Mass. Superbly photographed and illustrated, Treasure and Tradition

translates the Latin Mass, guides when

to stand, kneel and sit, and has wealth of

information on the history of the Latin 

Mass and everything used within it.

Lisa Bergman. 2014. Treasure and

Tradition: The ultimate guide to the Latin

Mass. St. Augustine Academy Press,

Homer Glen, Illinois.


A collection of useful websites/webpages.

Free Traditional Calendar 2020

The Tridentine Catholic website has created a comprehensive 2020 Traditional calendar pdf

Free Traditional Calendar 2021

The Tridentine Catholic website now has the 2021 Traditional calendar available.

Free Traditional Catholic Books 

An extensive list of hundreds of books for download regarding Our Lord, the Blessed Virgin, the lives of saints, writings and sermons of saints, miracles, prophecies, apparitions, and books for children.

The Eucharistic Miracles of the World

The Vatican International Exhibition details over one hundred and fifty Eucharistic Miracles from twenty countries around the world, where the Holy Eucharist has either changed from bread and wine to Flesh and Blood, or the Host has shown images of Our Lord.

YouTube Videos

Knowledge brings us closer to Our Lord and our faith. The homily during the Mass is usually about the Reading (or Readings for Novus Ordo Masses) and the Gospel. Here are a collection of homilies and talks by priests that you will not usually hear about.

Growing in Virtue by Small, Sustained Mortifications


Movies About Saints

There are some wonderful old and new movies about saints. These ones can be found on YouTube.

Song of Bernadette (1943)

Very moving movie about St. Bernadette of Lourdes. The Blessed Virgin appeared to her in a miserable grotto and the site in France is now a famous place of pilgrimage. She was born in 1844 and died at the age of thirty-five and her body remains incorrupted. Her feast day is April 16. Suitable for children to watch.

Never Take No For An Answer (1951)

Not a movie about the life of a particular saint but still a beautiful Catholic-themed movie. It is a story about a fictional boy named Pepino who journeyed to the Vatican in the hope of seeing the Pope and asking permission to bring his dying donkey to the tomb of St. Francis in order to save her life. Suitable for children to watch.

The Reluctant Saint (1962)

St. Joseph of Cupertino, Italy, was a simple young man who was sent to live in a monastery. To the surprise of many, he became a priest and went on to have a life with many ecstasies and levitations. He was born in 1603 and died at the age of sixty. His feast day is September 18. Suitable for children to watch.

Karol: A Man Who Became Pope (2005)

A very moving and powerful movie about Karol Wojtyla of Poland. Karol was a writer and actor who endured Nazi occupation and suffered great loss, found his calling and eventually became Pope John Paul II. He was later made a saint. He was born in 1920 and died at the age of eighty-four. His feast day is October 22. This movie has war scenes and is not suitable for children to watch.

Latin-English missals available at the Chapel
Recommended resources
Explanatory articles
Movies About Saints
YouTube Videos
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