Good Shepherd, Kelmscott

Chapel of the


is this place.

It is the house of GOD

and the gate of heaven.

                                 - Genesis 28:17

Catholic Traditional Latin Mass Community

Kelmscott, Western Australia

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Regularly updated information about the Chapel of the Good Shepherd and other notices.

Sacrament of Confession

Sunday Mass Times


Notices and Upcoming Events

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Sacrament of Confession

Confession is every Sunday from 8.15am to 8.25am as required.

Sunday Mass Times

Holy Mass according to the Extraordinary Rite is celebrated every Sunday at 8.30am.

8:00am Rosary, 8:15am Confession, 8:30am Mass, after 9:30am Morning Tea


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Notices and Upcoming Events

Working Bee

It's that time of year to roll up our sleeve as a united community of faithful friends to show some love for Jesus. Let's get His church all clean and sparkling for His Birthday. We don't hesitate to do it for a family member's birthday, so let's NOT hesitate to do it for Our Saviour's birthday: Christmas!!! Rock up when you can and lend a hand for Him! Coffee, tea and biscuits available at breaks. Saturday, 14 November from  8am-12pm.

Spreading the Love

November and December's Small Change Collection will be allocated to missionary work in India. No coin is too small, so please spread your love.

Book of Remembrance

November is the month in the Church where we especially pray for our loved ones who have died. Please enter in the Book of Remembrance, located in the foyer, the names of your loved ones for whom you wish us to pray during November.

If you want to have a Mass for your personal intentions please put it into a Mass Intention Envelope (also in the foyer) and hand it in to the Sacristy before Mass begins.

Annual General Meeting

Please note, the Parish Annual General Meeting will be held on Sunday, 29 November after the 10am Mass in the Parish Hall. (Approx. 11am). All are welcome. All committee nominations must be submitted to either the TLM Co-ordinator, Phil Chadd, or Parish Councillor, Jan Hurleigh-Craig, no later than after our 8.30am Mass on the day.

"Membership of the council shall be for a period of two years. Any retiring member may be re-elected provided he/she has not served for more than six consecutive years. On completion of six years service, a retiring member may be eligible again after a lapse of one year." Nomination forms are available in the vestibule.

'Could you not spend one hour with Me'?

Our Traditional Chapel is compact, serene and a wonderful place for worship.

The Chapel is open every Saturday morning from 9.00am-11.00am for Cleaning and Disinfecting in preparation for Sunday Mass.

Everyone is welcome to join us either Saturday or Sunday. 'Could you not spend one hour with me?' or even fifteen minutes to say hello?

Updated Directives from the Archdiocese of Perth

Archbishop Costelloe has released revised directives for Churches and Chapels. Phase 4 of WA's COVID-19 Roadmap will continue until an as yet undetermined date.

Social distancing is still in place, as are the requirements for compliance. The revised directives may be found here.

Facebook Page       

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Our Chapel now has a wonderful Facebook page with frequent updates. Have a read and enjoy. Find it here.

Please Pray For ...

Emeritus Archbishop B.J. Hickey, Monsignor M. Keating, Fr. Alfonsas Savickis, Fr. Ted Miller, Fr. Lionel Henry,

Fr. Pavol Herda P.P., Michele Cater, Pamela Chadd, Pat Cunnington, Tony Dimelo, Dorothy Hardy, Sky Hurleigh-Craig.

Music Volunteers

We are hoping for an Organist and several singers to come forward and exercise their talents for the greater glory of God. Sheet music and tuition support for volunteers available. Please contact Phil on 0428 966 916.

COVID-19 Compliance

There is a COVID-19 Compliance Plan in place. Some key points:

  • Mass numbers are only restricted by available social distancing rules/space;

  • Registration is no longer required;

  • Sanitation will probably be the 'new normal' and will continue to be available/practised;

  • The prohibition on sharing and re-use of books and papers will remain in force until further notice;

  • Mass Booklets and printed hymn sheets are for personal re-use only. Please bring them back with you each week. All other bulletins etc. take with you until further notice.

Disposal of Religious Items

Do you know how to properly dispose of religious items, if need be?

Items that are blessed must be treated with reverence. If they cannot be given away to others, then they must be buried, or burned and buried. Do this also for items you are unsure of, regarding blessing.

If the items have not been blessed, such as holy cards and images through the mail, then they are simply pictures that can be thrown away. More information can be found here.

Recent Blog Posts

Archived Notices


R.I.P. John Rencontre, 12 June 2020 pdf

Pastoral Letter by Archbishop Costelloe regarding the reopening of Churches and Chapels from the 18th of May 2020 pdf

Pastoral Letter by Archbishop Costelloe regarding coronavirus and church closures, 19 March 2020 pdf


Annual Report, 16 October 2019 pdf

Easter, April 2019 Postcard from the Franciscan Sisters of the Immaculate in Benin pdf

Palm Sunday Mass, 14 April 2019 pdf

Statement by Archbishop Costelloe regarding Fr Joseph Tran, 23 March 2019 pdf

60th Anniversary of Emeritus Archbishop Hickey's Ordination, 3 February 2019 pdf

A Celebration of Priesthood: Emeritus Archbishop Hickey's 60th Anniversary, 2019 pdf


Annual Report 2018 pdf


The Chapel of the Good Shepherd is dedicated to TLM community celebrations courtesy of the Good Shepherd Parish.

Chapel of the Good Shepherd, Kelmscott

Mass time: Every Sunday 8.30am

Chapel Location: 42 Streich Avenue, Kelmscott, Western Australia 6111

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