Good Shepherd, Kelmscott

Chapel of the

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is this place.

It is the house of GOD

and the gate of heaven.

            - Genesis 28:17

Catholic Traditional Latin Mass Community

Kelmscott, Western Australia

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Regularly updated information about the Chapel of the Good Shepherd and other notices.

Sacrament of Confession

Sunday Mass Times


Notices and Upcoming Events

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Sacrament of Confession

Confession is every Sunday from 8.15am to 8.25am, as required.

Sunday Mass Times

Holy Mass according to the Extraordinary Rite is celebrated every Sunday at 8.30am.

8:00am Rosary, 8:10 - 8.20am Confession, 8:30am Mass



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Notices and Upcoming Events

No Mass, Sunday 4 July

Please note: Due to WA Government regulations following lockdown of a 20 person limit and the 4sqm rule, all Masses in Good Shepherd Parish have unfortunately been cancelled.

Roadworks: Chapel Access

Please note: Due to roadworks, there is currently only one way to access the Chapel, which is from the south. Turn onto Streich Road, either at or before Foster Road.

Special Saturday Mass, July 10

It was decided at our last community meeting to meet with Fr. Rowe of St. Anne's Church, Belmont, to discuss the opportunity of sharing Latin Mass celebrants. Last Sunday, June 13, several parishioners attended a meeting with him in the hope of forming a strong, sustainable and united Traditional Latin Mass force here in Perth. The meeting was a positive step forward.


To introduce our congregation to Fr. Rowe, he has kindly offered to celebrate a Latin Mass here at Good Shepherd on Saturday, July 10 at 11.30am. All are invited to attend.

Next Community Meeting


                               Our next community                                   meeting will be in July. It will be preceded by a continental breakfast to relax and socialize. All who wish to discuss and be involved with the future care of our Latin Mass community are invited.

A continental breakfast will be available from 9.30am - 10.15am, directly followed by the meeting. A $2 food donation is requested from the adults wishing to attend. Please note, no donations are requested for altar servers or children aged 12 and under. Donations towards food can be placed in the box marked "Supplies" on the donation table just inside the Chapel. All generosity greatly appreciated.


Parish School

We are one of only two Parishes in the Perth Metropolitan region with a Latin Mass community and an attached school. Good Shepherd Catholic Primary School, in Kelmscott, is a warm and welcoming, single stream school, set on 13 acres of bush property in the hills. It is just 38 minutes from the centre of Perth.


The school teaches Kindergarten to Year 6 and offers specialist programs in Italian, music, science and physical education, plus the benefits of outdoor exploration and play-based learning. A playgroup program called Leapfrogs is also available for three-year-olds.

Links are as follows:

Good Shepherd Catholic Primary School

Drone view of the School

School layout and virtual tour

Confession Times

Strictly 8.10 - 8.20am, please. Do not join the waiting pew if it has already reached 8.20 am as Father must have time to vest and prepare to celebrate Holy Mass at 8.30 am.

Please Pray For ...

Emeritus Archbishop B.J. Hickey, Monsignor M. Keating, Fr. Alfonsas Savickis, Fr. Ted Miller, Fr. Lionel Henry,

Fr. Pavol Herda P.P., Michele Carter, Pamela and Phil Chadd, Pat Cunnington, Tony Dimelo, Dorothy Hardy, Sky Hurleigh-Craig, Thomas Mazza, Helen and Paul Clune, Jim and Noeleen Chadd, Callan Leach, and Russell Chadd.

Funds for India's COVID Crisis

                              These are now being                                  collected via our Containers for Change program. Please bring only bottles and cans that have the 10c refund mark. Any other bottles and cans cannot be used with this program. Thank you.

Thank you also to the Legion of Mary for donating to the cause!


Mandatory Contact Register

As of 5 December 2020, it is mandatory for particular businesses and venues, including places of worship, to collect contact details of patrons. Keeping a contact register will help the Department of Health with COVID-19 contact tracing.

Details required are date, arrival time, name and contact number.

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